My house :(
If you’re able to spare a few dollars to help Sophie and I replace our bed and find a new home - click here to donate. The account is under
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Thanks a million,Jordan 
Hello all -
I’m sorry to come to you under these circumstances, but I’ve been displaced from my house after a three-alarm fire took out the entire floor above us. I grabbed what I could at 5:30am yesterday morning, but the fire was consuming the third floor and we had to flee quickly (and find the cat, which we did). Luckily we’re all safe, but I did not have renters’ insurance, and my apartment has been heavily damaged from water putting out the fire. If you or anyone you know can spare a few dollars it will help me get off my feet and find a new place for Sophie and I to live. Hope you’re all well and safe - and you should get insurance now if you don’t have it! Please learn from my misfortune.
Best wishes,Jordan
Click here to donate - my account is under
Cute baby clothes giving me baby fever. (Taken with instagram)
Gin, maraschino, lavender, coffee bitters
Holy cheesy mushroom risotto!
Lights in the window at the cobbler’sCambridge, MA 
Love these mugs, bought 4!
Moroccan red lentil soup and an almond earl grey @ Crema
Red wine and cassis macaron @ Crema
1369 Coffeehouse
Christmas house!
Lazy Sunday at home watching Charlie Brown
Thomas, the family cat.